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#GetToHighGround #TsunamiDay

Theme of the day: fighting inequality for a resilient future

Specific populations – such as women, children and youth, persons with disabilities and older persons – often confront heightened challenges, both during and after a tsunami. Research found that during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, women accounted for 70 per cent of the deaths. Many did not survive, possibly for cultural reasons, because they put the safety of other family members ahead of their own, or because they were less aware of how to protect themselves.

The theme of this year’s WTAD will mirror the theme of the International Day of Disaster Reduction: fighting inequality for a resilient future.  Activities will explore the reciprocal relationship between tsunamis and inequality: how inequality makes tsunamis more dangerous for certain populations; and how the aftermath of a tsunami can drive vulnerable people further into poverty and exacerbate inequality. WTAD 2023 activities will focus on raising awareness about the underlying disaster risk drivers – poverty, inequality and vulnerability - that make tsunamis more deadly for those most at-risk. 

People walking towards high ground
Call to action
“Disaster risk reduction requires an all-of-society engagement and partnership. It also requires empowerment 
and inclusive, accessible and non-discriminatory participation, paying special attention 
to people disproportionately affected by disasters, especially the poorest. A gender, age, 
disability and cultural perspective should be integrated in all policies and practices, and 
women and youth leadership should be promoted.” 
Activation toolkit

World Tsunami Awareness Day plays an important role in promoting efforts to reduce tsunami risk through: 

  • the expansion and maintenance of tsunami early warning systems across the world’s oceans;  
  • the IOC-UNESCO Tsunami Ready programme;  
  • inclusion of tsunami risk in national and local strategies for disaster risk reduction (target E of the Sendai Framework)  
  • an “all-of-society” approach to disaster risk reduction and tackling tsunami risk 


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