Tsunami News 2021
In this edition of Tsunami News, we explore examples of how governments and organizations around the world are increasing their levels of cooperation.
Standard guidelines for the Tsunami Ready Recognition Programme
This document presents the Standard Guidelines for the Tsunami Ready Recognition Programme - an international performance-based community recognition pilot to reduce tsunami-related risks to individuals and communities.
Regional cooperation is rising, systemic governance is center stage and businesses are taking an important role in disaster risk reduction — vital steps towards the ultimate goal of saving lives and livelihoods.
This is the coverpage of the book portraying a teacher holding some papers.
Durie, the ‘Tsunami’ Teacher is the first of 'Tsunami Story Books', a series of illustrated real-life stories from the Asia-Pacific for children.
Tsunami News 2020-2021

Tsunami News 2020-2021 is a magazine-style publication which covers notable events in the world of tsunami risk management over the last year. On the occasion of World Tsunami Awareness Day (WTAD), 5 November 2020, the UN Secretary-General, Antonio

Informe WTAD

Resilience can be created anywhere - even at the kitchen table.

In the documentary “Tsunami Ladies”, producers Emiliano Rodríguez Nuesch and Víctor Orellana show how the women fed neighbors and helped revive their local economies after the tsunamis

Despite progress in policy measures, early warning and risk information initiatives in Indonesia, the 2018 tsunami of Palu and Donggala showed that significant challenges remain. The study was commissioned by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction

The Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction highlights children as among the most vulnerable groups who must be empowered to get ready for natural hazards and play a vital role in preventing and reducing risk.

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